By Charles L. Crow

American Gothic continues to be an enduringly attention-grabbing style, preserving its chilling carry at the mind's eye. This revised and elevated anthology brings jointly texts from the colonial period to the 20 th century together with lately chanced on fabric, canonical literary contributions from Poe and Wharton between many others, and literature from sub-genres resembling feminist and ‘wilderness’ Gothic.* Revised and increased to include feedback from twelve years of use in lots of international locations* a massive textual content for college kids of the increasing box of Gothic stories* robust illustration of girl Gothic, barren region Gothic, the Gothic of race, and the legacy of Salem witchcraft* Edited by way of a founding member of the overseas Gothic Association

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Wolves are able to prey on a n i m a l s m u c h larger than t h e m s e l v e s only b e c a u s e they h u n t as a cooperating pack. A d u l t s m a y c o n s u m e 9 kg or m o r e of m e a t at a single feeding, though average daily i n t a k e is 2 . 5 - 6 kg per wolf per day (Mech, 1974). Other foods include beaver, hares, s m a l l rodents, birds, frogs, lizards, fruit, a n d carrion (Stroganov, 1969; N o v i k o v , 1962). In s o m e regions h u m a n garbage is an e s s e n t i a l part of the diet (Macdonald et al, 1980).

V a n L a w i c k - G o o d a l l a n d v a n L a w i c k - G o o d a l l (1971) reported an ins t a n c e of two litters born to the s a m e f e m a l e in one year. T h i s is an u n u s u a l b u t not u n i q u e ability a m o n g the C a n i d a e . M a l e s participate in raising the p u p s , and offspring from p r e v i o u s years m a y participate as well ( M o e h l m a n , 1983). Life s p a n is up to 18 years in captivity (Müller-Using, 1975d). SOCIAL ORGANIZATION AND BEHAVIOR R e c e n t field s t u d i e s give a p i c t u r e of a m o d e r a t e l y social canid ( M o e h l m a n , 1983; M a c d o n a l d , 1 9 7 9 b ; G o l a n i a n d Keller, 1975; v a n L a w i c k - G o o d a l l a n d v a n L a w i c k - G o o d a l l , 1971).

Prédation and prédation a t t e m p t s by golden j a c k a l s on langurs (Presbytis entellus) in India are described in N e w t o n (1985). G r o u p s m a y kill sheep a n d g o a t s ( M c S h a n e a n d Grettenberger, 1984). G o l d e n j a c k a l s eat s m a l l to m e d i u m - s i z e d vertebrates, including ground birds and their eggs, rodents, lizards, a n d s n a k e s . , 1987; Kingdon, 1977). , 1987). W y m a n (1967) described h o w b l a c k - b a c k e d j a c k a l s a n d golden jackals partition food resources in areas where their distributions overlap, and d i s c u s s e d the diets of both species in detail.

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