By Dewatripont M., Hansen L.P., Turnovsky S.J. (eds.)

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Eco-Efficiency: The Business Link to Sustainable Development

The time period 'eco-efficiency' describes enterprise actions that create fiscal price whereas lowering ecological impression and source use. This publication outlines the foundations of eco-efficiency and offers case reports in their program from a couple of foreign businesses, together with 3M and the Dow Chemical corporation.

The Ancient Near East: History, Society and Economy

The historic close to East unearths 3 millennia of heritage (c. 3500–500 bc) in one paintings. Liverani attracts upon over 25 years’ worthy of expertise and this own odyssey has enabled him to retrace the historical past of the peoples of the traditional close to East. The heritage of the Sumerians, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians and extra is meticulously specific by way of one of many prime students of Assyriology.

Utilizing study derived from the latest archaeological reveals, the textual content has been totally revised for this English version and explores Liverani’s present pondering at the background of the traditional close to East. the wealthy and sundry illustrations for every old interval, augmented by way of new pictures for this version, offer insights into the fabric and textual assets for the traditional close to East. Many spotlight the ingenuity and technological prowess of the peoples within the old East. by no means ahead of on hand in English, the traditional close to East represents one of many maximum books ever written at the topic and is a needs to learn for college students who wouldn't have had the opportunity to discover the intensity of Liverani’s scholarship.

The Modern World-System I: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century (With a New Prologue)

Immanuel Wallerstein’s hugely influential, multi-volume opus, the trendy World-System, is one in every of this century’s maximum works of social technology. An leading edge, panoramic reinterpretation of world background, it strains the emergence and improvement of the trendy global from the 16th to the 20 th century.

Post-Faustmann Forest Resource Economics

The present paradigm of wooded area economics is predicated on Faustmann formula (FF) of land expectation price proposed via Martin Faustmann. It used to be a superb fulfillment by way of a forester to suggest a formula that captures a few basic fiscal positive factors of capital idea which. in spite of the fact that, the fans of the FF strategy have trapped themselves into the previous, and feature no longer proven any indication of monetary acumen of the nice Faustmann.

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4), that v 3B (s1B , s2B , s3B ) − v 2B (s1B , s2B , s3B ) must be independent of s1B . Expressed differently, we have ∂ ∂ v 3B (s1B , s2B , s3B ) = v 2B (s1B , s2B , s3B ). ∂s1B ∂s1B Repeating the argument for all other pairs of buyers and for good B, we have ∂v j H ∂v k H = , ∂si H ∂si H for all j =i =k and H = A, B. 5) Next, let us fix the signal values of buyers 2 and 3 at levels such that, as we vary s1A and s1B , either (iii) it is efficient to allocate A to buyer 1 and B to 2 or (iv) it is efficient to allocate B to buyer 1 and A to 2.

From the buyer’s perspective, it is as if sellers were independently making sealed-bid offers in ignorance of the competition. Of course, the analogies are imperfect,31 but they serve as a starting point for analysis. What, therefore, does auction theory suggest? Because, under the conditions of the revenue equivalence theorem, there is no difference between the auction forms for either consumer or producer welfare, we consider the implications of the most important violations of the conditions.

Hence, in any auction, the equilibrium outcome must be the same for any value of . 11) applies cannot depend on ’s value. , only if ∂v 2A ∂v 2B = . ∂s1A ∂s1B Repeating the argument for the other buyers, we have ∂v j B ∂v j A = ∂si A ∂si B for all i and j = i. 12), due to Jehiel and Moldovanu (2001), are certainly restrictive. Nevertheless, as shown in Eso and Maskin (2000a), there is a natural class of cases in which they are automatically satisfied. Specifically, suppose that in our two-good model, each buyer wants at most one good (this is not essential).

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