By Edward Baker

This consultant teaches the reader find out how to promote themselves and their ebook with a purpose to get in print. utilizing revenues concepts taken from different industries, it demonstrates how the author can goal and marketplace their ebook within the aggressive company of publishing.

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Besides which, in a one-shot situation like this your dreams and fears will get there ahead of you. Your prospect will catch the scent of desperation and shy away from you, his or her judgement prejudiced by first impressions. This applies as much to letters and phone calls as it does to face-to-face meetings. A true sense of indifference stems from one thing only - an unshakeable confidence in your activity levels. If you have only two or three prospects to sell to, then each rejection you receive will come as a crushing blow; if you have two or three hundred prospects to sell your product to, then the situation won’t seem quite so grave.

Relax, or at least pretend to! Louder than Words: A Brief Digression on Body Language During this ice-breaking phase, your prospect will be forming his or her first impression of you. Consciously or unconsciously, the prospect will be picking up physical signals that may or may not be compatible with what you are saying. Despite our boasts and technologies, we human beings are still animals and share the responses of all other mammals to pleasing or worrying situations. Blushing with shame, flushing with rage or paling with fear are only the most obvious of these reactions.

It’s the big break, the chance that you’ve been waiting for all these years. And it might go wrong. Put the above mingled emotions on hold for a while and continue with your sales work. Until you have a signed contract in your possession you have absolutely nothing. You are still in a selling situation and any relaxation on your part may cost you dear. Should your prospect change his or her mind, should economic circumstances alter, you will be gutted by this last minute failure. Continue to send out proposals - if another publisher says yes then you can compare the deals on offer.

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