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It is Enki's underwater dwelling. The word refers to a cultic structure. In 41 i 4 it means Enki's sanctuary at Pasirra (Gazetteer, n. 31). an-ta-sur-ra (18 ii 1; 21 ii 18): "(House) which Twinkles from Heaven". Ningirsu's sanctuary, dating to at least the time of Umanle (Gazetteer, n. 83). 6-g6Htu-Hu-du7 (29:25): "House that Perfects Understanding". Enki's temple in Ur (Gazetteer, n. 364). ba-ghra (in our texts it appears only in the personal name ur-ba-gAra [38 iv 471): Ningirsu's sanctuary in Lagag (Gazetteer, n.

D. ) ur (kalbum) dog; for the meaning of ur in Personal Names like U~-*DNsee R. ; for Akkadian PN's containing the element kalbum see CAD K, 72 i) ur-sag (qarradum) hero (Su--)hr see SU--R drdu(-d) (wardum) slave; servant; subordinate uri (akkadiim) Akkadian (ki-)uri see ki-R urin (urinnum) standard the reading urnl2 expresses the verbal root iir (see urn12 Su--hr) plus the verbal ending -e urnl6(-n) (dannum; naklum) strong; clever (see M. Civil, Studies Sjoberg, 55) ds 1. (rediim) to (make) follow 2.

Unugk" (uruk): The city of An and Inanna. larsak"(-m): The Sumerian city of the sun-god. It ruled Sumer in Old-Babylonian times between the fall of Isin and the rise of Babylon. m6-ganki: A district corresponding to modem Oman; the source of precious metals, stone, and wood. me-lubbak": In the third and early second millennium this was probably the area of the Mohenjo-Daro civilization. U ~ U , ( U R U X K A R ~ ) ~A( -settlement ~): in the state of LagaS. In text 20 it is mentioned in connection with offerings to its god Lugaluru(b).

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