By Christoph Kausch

Shopper integration within the early innovation part has been thought of the tactic of selection in thought and perform. growing to be event with the concept that has proven unforeseen negative effects which could even outweigh its famous benefits. as a result, administration should be capable of determine prematurely even if the involvement of shoppers will upload total worth to each particular innovation project. To aid yet to not change the ultimate managerial choice, a mathematical formulation is built. It can be utilized to all types of method constructions, takes into consideration the hazards and advantages contingent on a company's state of affairs in addition to risk-reducing and benefit-increasing measures and interprets them into numerical values. The ensuing determine exhibits the potential worth of shopper integration in a selected venture.      

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Access to new knowledge Gaining additional know-how, skills, expertise, and experience from customers also ranks among the strongest reasons for customer integration (Campbell and Cooper 1999; Littler et al. 1995) and has become one of the most desired effects of this concept (Holmes 1999; Schilling and Hill 1998). This information spillover (Harhoff et al. 2003: 1753) from customer to company brings with it a broadening of scope and vision for innovations and a higher chance of developing break-through products.

1995; Wilson et al. 1996). 50 2 Literature review of key issues Reduction of development time One of the most frequently mentioned benefits of customer integration is the resulting speeding up of the development process (Cordero 1991; Littler et al. 1995: 18; Mabert et al. 1992; Millson et al. 1992; Qualls et al. 1981; Reichart 2002: 92). According to Hagedoorn (1993), time reduction is one of the most important motives and outcomes of alliances with customers. Empiric studies by Zahn, Komes et al.

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