By Mark Seem

This e-book represents the fruit of a long time of study into using acupuncture as a device for freeing conserving styles within the bodymind so as to fix functional/structural stability and to alleviate continual soreness. Dr. appear stocks his scientific event of ways and why this form of acupuncture works and offers particular protocols to be used within the sanatorium. This e-book is a invaluable reference textual content for somebody whose perform focuses quite often on acupuncture.

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1 to Sp. 20 in an asthmatic, a tender point may be found directly behind this, near Bl. 14—43 which, when needled, relieves the chest distress. Fourth and finally, internal problems of the zangfu organs and bowels and qi, blood, and fluids manifest externally along meridians. Palpation along the associated meridian, the lung meridian in the case of bronchitis for example, should yield an effective point, which, when needled, ameliorates the internal disturbance. This internal/external principle is, in my opinion, the supreme acupuncture principle.

Negative spots are similar to benign spots and are found based on acupuncture meridian distribution theory. Hence, if a positive spot is found at Bl. 21, the back shu point of the stomach organ, one would search along the stomach meridian itself for a spot, such as St. 36, which when pressed relieves the pain at the positive spot or, in this instance, Bl. 21. In this case, St. 36 is the negative spot. Dr. Guo states that all three types of points can be found in acute stages of dysfunction. In the remission stage, one usually finds negative and positive spots.

In chronic pain there is often a far more complex myototic distribution of tender trigger points such that a constriction in the right scapula, for example, may be accompanied by occasional pain and dysfunction in the right or even more frequently left or contralateral sacroiliac joint and gluteal muscles of the buttock. Van Nghi's tendinomuscular treatments do not allow for such myofascial compensation and are, therefore, often inadequate for the treatment of recurrent and chronic pain. Based on these perceived deficiencies in the style in which I was initially trained and on my own 15 years of clinical and teaching experience, I have, therefore, developed my own protocol for pain management which is be described in Part II.

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