By David Ray Griffin

I feel it is extremely ridiculous to imagine our executive could wipe out over
3000 TAXPAYERS and TAXPAYING businesses, or provide immense tax writeoffs to the
damaged companies.
Now, if it have been homeless shelters or executive housing projects--that I
may think. Our govt cannot squeeze a lot funds out of the negative and would
be prepared to sacrafice them. the folks within the Towers, the planes and the
Pentagon have been as a rule the kind of wallets the govenment values.
Our govt values not anything over our cash.

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At the same time, the leader of the Tehran Jewish Association, Homayoun Samiah, saw the event and generally the current regime’s willingness to listen to the community’s grievance as an improvement over the attitude of the former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. com. For the Iraqi and Iranian Jews, the desire to return remains largely a fantastic tale articulated within textual spaces.

Qassem asks Haroun to admit that his writing presented a biased picture of the Jewish community. The words of the leftist Qassem, as suggested earlier, function as the “norms of the text,” the novel’s ideological voice of reason. In a temporal palimpsest, the protagonist’s recollections during the Iran-Iraq War become a mode of exposing discrimination against all minorities and censuring the way dictatorial regimes oppress, repress, and suffocate the spirit of freedom. The time of the Jewish departure from Iraq comes to be viewed retroactively through the prism of massive Shi‘a deportations during the Iran-Iraq War.

Samia’s father protected Zaki’s family during the farhoud. The Shi‘a Siham, Samia’s daughter-in-law, does not hide her perception of “the Jew” as polluted (nijes), while the Sunni agent of the genocidal regime, the high-ranking mukhabarat officer, Nizar, saves the life of the Jewish protagonist. Such complexities also apply to the war zone between Israel and its neighbors. The dislocation of Shlomo’s family to Israel is represented in the novel as a matter neither of love for Zion nor of persecution by the Iraqi regime, but merely the consequence of a shaky domestic situation where Israel becomes an alternative for Shlomo’s wife escaping an irresponsible husband.

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