Cleveland Cavaliers

A post-LeBron James rebuild was always unavoidable in Northeast Ohio, and the Cavs have obviously accepted that fate. Through four in-season transactions they restocked their cabinets with nine incoming draft picks, including a set of future firsts.
But before heading reclamation road down, 30-year-old Kevin Love was first given a four-year by Cleveland. That speed not only appears inflated given his health history and defensive deficiencies, but it might also lead the Cavs to a couple of wins. He’s still capable of scoring or rebounding at an pace.
The strategy has been doomed from the beginning if the idea was to lean on Love’s leadership then flip him for more rebuilding tools.
“You are not getting an asset for him under any circumstances,” a Western Conference executive told Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger earlier this year.
Speaking of assets, the group underwhelms from each angle. Collin Sexton is intriguing, however his 41.1 field-goal percent and 15.6 assist percentage emphasize his limits. Cedi Osman functions as a piece, but likely nothing more. The Cavs could be at least a couple drafts away from forming their base.

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